Frequently Asked Questions


Where is your company based?


We are based in Queens, NY. (NYC region)

What is your shipping schedule?

For guaranteed freshness, we only ship to address in NYC.  *We ship on Mondays-Wednesdays. We do not ship on holidays. 

We provide weekend deliveries for Nassau County residents (Long Island).*Orders placed on a Thursday after 9AM EST will be delivered the following weekend. 

I don't live in the areas listed, will you ship to other areas in the future?

Yes, we are working on nationwide shipping. We want everyone to experience our delicious health in a bottle. Please subscribe to our waiting list for updates.

Tropical Products

What is cold pressed juice?

Cold pressed juice is made with a hydraulic press to extract juice from a fruit or vegetable. 

A hydraulic press protects and preserves the nutrients in fruits and vegetables. No heat is involved in the extraction process, which allows the juice to retain 100% of it's vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients.

How should I store the beverage?

Do not leave the beverage out in the heat. Freeze until you are ready to consume. 


When were my beverages made?

The beverages are made the same day they ship.